Old workstations (and a few 8-bit micros)

One of my stranger hobbies is collecting old, interesting computer hardware. Back during the dot-com bust, I decided to focus my attention on workstation in the older sense of the word (desktop & similar-sized machines running some version of Unix or another multiuser non-consumer OS).

I decided to set out to try to get at least one example of each major RISC processor architecture, plus a few notable extras. I have yet to succeed, but I'm working on it. Many of these machines were picked up very, very cheap on eBay (plus a few hand me downs) and I was only able to test a few of them for lack of drives or appropriate cabling and keyboards.

Maybe when I retire, I'll do a better job of cataloguing them along with photos and links to sites with useful information on each architecture. Until then, this is probably not going to be updated much if at all./p>

What I've got, by processor




Vaxstation 4000/60 with 96mb of ram and a 245mb HD (which will likely get replaced with a 1gb or 2gb) [nope, it won't!]
OK, VAX isn't RISC but it's a significant architecture nonetheless, and they defintely were workstations with a choice of VMS or Ultrix.

POWER (IBM RS/6000):

Dec Alpha(Late addition, around 2005)
- Alphastation 250 (PCI, 266mhz, I think)
- Alphastation 255 (PCI, 300mhz, I think)

Non-Unix Micros

Vintage PC hardware

Gone but not forgotten

The following machines have graced my collection but have either disappeared, or were given away in verious rounds of coerced housecleaning:

What I still want:
A 680x0 based workstation -- a Sun3, probably, though there were a fair number of other manufacturers making 68k based workstations as well
On the 8-bit side, given the wonderful emultators available for most 8-bit architectures, it just doesn't seem quite as interesting to collect anymore. I'd still love to have a working Apple II (perhaps a IIgs or a Laser 128) and some kind of Atari 8-bit machine

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