Vital Statistics

  Full Name :Nathan Keir Edel
  Species :Homo sapiens (allegedly)
  Birth Year :1975
  Blog Name :Cubicle Hermit
  Eyesight :Cruddy without my glasses.
  Appearance :See photo.

Present Status

  Relationship Status :Married
  Employment Status :Gainfully employed.
  Grad School Status :Finished in 2011
  Parental Status :Ask again soon
  Pet Status :One cat (Picture coming soon)
  Residence Type :House
  Residence Location :(The dodgy end of) San Mateo, California, USA, Terra

Hobbies, Interests, and Preferences

  OS :Linux
  Linux Distro :Gentoo
  Text Editor :joe
  Newsreader :tin
  USENET Newsgroup:rec.arts.sf.fandom
  Internet Hang-out:FlyerTalk
  Weirdest Hobby :Collecting old workstations
  Most Expensive Hobby :Collecting Frequent Flier miles
  Favorite color :Yellow (although ideally brighter than the background here)
  Favorite Beverage :Tie between diet ginger ale and diet orange soda

Updated 22 Sep 2012, Nathan Keir (Nate) Edel